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Windows OS Display Error Messages, Check Out The Cause And Solution Of Such Messages?

06 Oct Windows OS Display Error Messages, Check Out The Cause And Solution Of Such Messages?

Windows Operating system is a trusted choice of million of users. The objective of Windows developers is to provide an operating system that is fast, user-friendly and compatible with many hardware devices. Windows has successfully accomplished the expectations of its developers and users up to maximum extent. Despite having outstanding features the Windows operating systems suffer from many error messages that might result in data loss.

Miscellaneous error messages appear in Windows operating system and the method of fixing these errors
Error 0x8007007b
Error Loading Operating System

windows error 0x8007007b
What is the cause of error 0x8007007b?
For working on Windows Server 2008, we need to activate the OS, while activating OS this error ‘0x8007007b’ appears on the screen.

The error message 1 shows some statements
Windows could not be activated because the key management (KMS) host it is not possible to locate domain name system(DNS), please let the administrator check that a KMS is successfully published in a correct format in DNS.
Error: 0x8007007b
Description: DNS name does not exist

Second error Message
Error: 0x8007007b

“The file name, directory name, or directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect”

The above condition will exist in the following conditions.

When you use volume-licensed media for the installation given OS on the system.
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Business, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008R2.

In such cases, the activation process is not able to connect with Key Management service (KMS) host computer.
Whether you are using MSDN, TechNet, or MAPs, you will be having volume-licensed media, and you will get a Multiple Activation Key(MAK).

Solution of the error 0x8007007b
A user can use Multiple Key Activation either of KMS Activation
When KMS is not used and in the absence of KMS server, then it is necessary to change the product key to MAK. In case if you are a Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) or Technet, the stock-keeping units (SKUs) which are given here are volume-licensed media, in this situation the key is MAK key.

The process of changing the product key to an MAK
1. Go to Start, now press All Programs, click Accessories, and after that right-click Command Prompt.
2. Now go to Run command and execute it as administrator.

When it is asked to provide the administrator password or you need to type the password.

1. Now at the command prompt, write this command and press Enter:
simgr -ipk xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Important Note In the above command, the placeholder xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx display your MAK product key.

Error Loading Operating System
When you restart the computer system after performing a file-copy portion of the operating system, you will receive such error message.

Cause of the above error
This situation appears when the BIOS of the computer is not able to manage the hard disk in a correct manner or it either support the capacity hard disk on that Windows XP is installation takes place.

Solution of the error
In order to solve this problem you can use some methods

Check whether that you are using updated BIOS version for your system, also you can contact the computer manufacturer to know about the process of getting and installation of the latest BIOS update which is given for the computer.

In case you are using an IBM system together with BIOS version 4.5x, go to the following IBM website.

Microsoft makes available third-party contact information for you to get tech support.The info can be updated or change without intimation. Microsoft does not provide assurance of the accuracy of the third party web address information.

Conclusion: Windows error result in data loss situation, to solve the issues related to data loss in windows. Windows Data Recovery Software is a secure and comprehensive solution to recover data in an integrated way. The software is recommended by many recovery experts and technocrats. Find more information here –

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