Professional File Repair Services

File Repair Services - Repair Corrupt files

Recover Data provides File Repair Services designed to repair damaged or corrupted files. Data Recovery Specialists at Recover Data are waiting to fix your corrupt or damaged file. With manual approach we are often able to achieve dramatic improvements in quality of file repair.

We at Recover Data we place the needs and data confidentiality of customers on top priority. Besides prompt file repair service requires unique skills. We have full knowledge of file formats and possible damages. It takes lots of innovation, experience and perseverance as most of the time, we are performing the file repair which are perceived by the others as impossible task. We constantly upgrade our knowledge of file repair to keep up with the fast changing technology and to provide our customers the best file repair service.

We perform file repair service for any type of damaged or corrupted files. Commonly we provide repairing of following file types:

  1. Ms Excel (.xls)
  2. Ms Access (.mdb)
  3. Ms Word (.doc)
  4. Ms PowerPoint (.ppt)
  5. Ms Outlook (.pst)
  6. Outlook Express (.dbx)
  7. Winzip (.zip)
  8. Acrobat Reader (.pdf) etc.

Follow the steps below to repair corrupt or damaged files:

  1. Send us your damaged file through
  2. Wait for our reply! We will email you to confirm the suitability of your file.
  3. Then you will receive an email with Recovery Report with the results of our repairing attempts. After successfully repairing the corrupt or damaged file, you will receive information about restored and lost information and screenshots of the repaired file.
  4. And finally if you are satisfied with result pay for your file. Please see price and buy now.

At Recover Data, Data Recovery process meets manufacturer’s requirements and will not void your original warranty.

  • Free In-Lab Evaluation
  • Secure Online Services
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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