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Windows Data Loss Error can be Rectified Using Windows Data Recovery Software

27 Aug Windows Data Loss Error can be Rectified Using Windows Data Recovery Software

Windows Operating system is mostly used for completing daily tasks related to computer. The Windows first version developed by Microsoft was released in the year1985, which is an extension of MS Dos. Windows has led MS dos users to visually navigate a virtual desktop, allow to open the electronic folders and files by the click of mouse without typing on the command prompt that proceed to preview the content of the folders. The higher versions of Windows operating system is integrated with Windows File Manager, Program manager, and Print Program. As the time passed Window upgraded versions are coming after some time regularly with more advanced features. Windows 95 has been developed for Network support. Although Windows have got incredible feature but it still get corrupted and show error messages.

windows data recovery
Windows files corruption outcomes data loss in several situations:-

  • Accidental deletion of data causes corruption and data loss problems
  • When you shutdown your PC without closing the open files and running application.
  • In the instance of power failure or hardware malfunction, the data get lost from Windows.
  • At the time when severe Virus get attached with Windows files and causes destruction.
  • A sudden power outage problem can cause corruption.

Few Error messages shown by Windows Operating System

  • The file name is not valid.
  • The File could not be accessed.
  • The path you entered is too long. Enter a shorter path.
  • Filename could not be found. Check the spelling of the file, and verify the file location is correct.

To resolve these error messages a user can apply simple tasks

  • You can rename the file that will help you to make a shorter name.
  • The user can also rename the folder in which the file is located so that the name of the folder get shortened.
  • Drag the folder to a location where the folder will have a short name.

Other things a user can also try to make the file accessible are

  • Check whether the folder exists or not.
  • See that the folder which have the file is not in read-only mode.
  • It is also recommended to check whether the file name does not have some characters such as <> [] 😐 *.
  • An important task a user can perform is to check if the file/path is not having characters greater than 218.

If you are still not able to resolve these error messages, the user can employ Windows Data Recovery Software. The software recovers data from bad sectors and provides complete files by maintaining the data integrity. The data recovery software comes in two versions. The first version provides the preview of recovered data and the full version provides the preview and also saves the data in the computer system.

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