Recover Data Blog | How to Resolve Windows Error #71 Using Windows Data recovery Software?
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How to Resolve Windows Error #71 Using Windows Data recovery Software?

24 Aug How to Resolve Windows Error #71 Using Windows Data recovery Software?

Windows is famous all around the world for its amazing features. This operating system is based on GUI interface that provides the user an environment in which he or she can easily execute the functions. When Window was developed it was liked by every group of society. Microsoft has developed Windows in 1985 and since its inception it is continuously getting popularity. But just like other operating system Windows also show error messages such as when connected device didn’t work properly, or when Internet connection is slow or not connected, and many more reasons that led to show error messages in Windows.

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Distinct error messages are shown in Windows Operating System
System cannot find specified file(error #5)
Access Denied(Error #5)
Invalid Procedure call( Error #6)
Stack overflow(Error #20)
The system cannot access the specified device( Error #71)
The Port handle is invalid(Error # 602)
Caller buffer is so small( Error #604)

What is Windows error #71?
Windows operating System shows error message (Error #71), when the system cannot access the specified device, path or file. In a networked environment when computer are connected to each other the inability of Windows OS to access a device or a file. At that time when you try to access the file this error message appears on the screen.

What causes this error message to appear on the screen?

  • This error message is a result of some files that you have recently installed on the system such as svchost.exe, regsvr.exe, spoolsv32.exe, taskmgr.exe, rundll.exe, explorer.exe, csrss.exe, winupdate.exe.
  • An additional reason for this fatal error is that your antivirus might have deleted this device file, because it is causing the infection to the system.
  • In Some circumstances, the files are deleted from the location where it was downloaded or saved.
  • Access can also be denied, when you have not the permissions to access the resource on your system.

Solution of this frequent occurring error
To resolve this error, there are many solutions:-

First method

  • A user can run system file checker tool to see what is the problem with the file.

Second method

  • A user can right-click the file and select the properties.
  • Go to the security tab and select the edit button.
  • In the next step check the Full Control button
  • Now hit the OK button.
  • If you didn’t find your name in the Group or User names.
  • Add your name in the user list and also check Full Control button
  • Now open the file.

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How to recover the data loss due to this error?
To recover data from this error, a user can download and install Windows Data Recovery Software and recover the data from the file. The software is available with a free demo version, the user can execute the free version and understand the working of the software. It is a perfect tool to recover data lost due to this error.

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