Recover Data Blog | How to Recover Data Windows Recovery software works With windows 8?
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How to Recover Data Windows Recovery software works With windows 8?

05 Apr How to Recover Data Windows Recovery software works With windows 8?

sadee.jpegWindows 8 is an advanced version of Windows 7 operating system. Windows OS has several new features that make it stand out of the crowd.

View the exciting new features of the software

  • It has touch-screen based Windows 8 which is easy to navigate with the touch of fingers.
  • The End user can swipe through concurrent taps simultaneously.
  • Various apps be easily installed and uninstall in Windows 8 with performing the extra effort.
  • It is more secure with cloud service with online storage.

Beside all the features, the Windows 8 OS is inefficient to recover data after it is lost, deleted or corrupted.
Reasons for data loss in Windows 8

  • Logical errors
  • Human errors
  • MFT corruption
  • Broken Directories

To recover lost data from all the cases of data loss, Windows data recovery software is used to recover the lost data. The End user has to only download & install the software from the link provided on the website. An animated video of the software has been provided for the user to understand the working of the software. Installation of software is completed on the system. Launch the software on the system.

By the application of few simple steps, you will be able to recover data from the system.
1. Select the desired mode of recovery.
2. Select the partition
3. The lost files appear. Select the files, which you want to save.
4. The recovered files are saved at the location provided by the user.

Windows Data Recovery

The user-friendly software is easy to implement even by a non tech person. It is constituted with advance algorithms and GFETCH, The exuberant software is efficient in recovering all data loss situations. Different types of files can be recovered using this recovery software such as document presentation, audio, video, and pictures.

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