Recover Data Blog | Can we recover data after full formatting the Windows Vista OS?
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Can we recover data after full formatting the Windows Vista OS?

05 Apr Can we recover data after full formatting the Windows Vista OS?

Windows Vista is the operating system developed after the release of Windows 2003. Before the release of a professional version of the operating system, the customized software is available for manufacturers, business customers, and retail channels. The official version of the software is commenced on 30 January 2007. This version of Windows has more advanced features in comparison to Windows XP operating system.sadfsfds.jpg

Enhanced features of Windows Vista

  • Incorporated with advanced GUI and Visual style Aero.
  • Updated design search.
  • Provided with a new multimedia device DVD drive.
  • A moving sidebar.
  • Performance Center is included to acknowledge user about PC’s performance.
  • Improved backup and restore capacities.
  • A network map is rendered with the OS that assists the user to check graphically at which location network is down.
  • Windows Media Center offers unlimited support to media.

However, besides having such a big list of features the Windows Vista operating systems also suffers from data loss. If the corruption and formatting in Windows Vista result in data loss then we can efficiently recover data from such unfavorable conditions by using Windows Data Recovery Software. The professional Windows Data Recovery Software has enhanced security in comparison to Windows XP.

The software recovers the Windows Vista files in the same manner as other Windows versions files. The imminent software is a perfect solution for recovering corrupted, deleted and formatted data from FAT and NTFS partitions of Windows Vista.

The software recovers data from corrupted, deleted and formatted files of Vista OS by the implementing simple steps of recovery.

  • The user first selects the recovery mode from four modes of recovery, which are defined as Quick Recovery Mode, Exhaustive Recovery Mode, RAW Recovery Mode, and Disk Imaging.
  • The recovery software selects the hard disk.
  • In the next step, it selects the partition in which corrupted files are present.
  • There forth software searches for the corrupted files & folders in the system.
  • Then it scans the corrupted files.
  • After that the software saves the recovered files at a location in the system.

It is quite affordable software for recovering lost data from Windows Vista. The software has been rated as top recovery software by many review sites and recovery Gurus. A free demo version of the software helps the user by guiding the steps of recovery software. The recovery software is supported by many hardware devices such as Flash drive, SATA drive, Thumb drive Multimedia drive, etc.

The recovery software successfully recovers a variety of data files with file extensions such as JPEG, WAV, PPT, XLS, of Vista. The software tool is a well-known product of Recover Data.

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