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Protegent Complete Security Software or popularly known as Protegent 360 is an award winning data security product which is infused with advanced inbuilt modules. Protegent360 include an extremely advanced security feature which provides comprehensive protection against advanced viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats. Protegent 360 includes inbuilt modules like:

1. Protegent Total Security

2. Crash Proof

3. Port Locker

4. Activity Reporter

5. Locate Laptop

6. SysBoost

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Protegent Complete Security not only provides protection from viruses but also prevent unauthorized data theft from your computer. Protegent360 also perform as parenting tool providing complete information about child activity on computer. It also provides a laptop tracking software which allows pin point location tracking of the stolen laptop. It also enhances system performance by deleting temporary registries, temp files, cookies and other unwanted data files.

Performing Features of Protegent Complete Security Software

1. Advanced protection against viruses, Trojans, spywares and other malware attacks

2. Block any attempt of data phishing attacks

3. Provides real-time protection against online threats

4. Controls web activity

5. Protection against unauthorized access to software settings

6. One Click USB Scan

7. Hourly Update

8. Protection from spam

9. Two-way Firewall

10. Detects Malicious URLs

11. Provides features like Parental Control, Time restriction, etc

12. Block Unwanted Ads on website

13. Personal data filtering

14. Proactive detection of unknown threats

15. Protection against Potentially Unwanted Programs

16. Deleted File Recovery

17. Formatted Drive Recovery

18. Revive FAT Corruption

19. Wipes out unwanted registries, temporary internet files, etc.

20. Provides features like registry restore and disk defragmenter

21. Block unauthorized data transfer through external port like Bluetooth, CD/DVD, USB port, Internet, printer, etc.

22. Monitoring and reporting of application and internet activity includes all the minor & major activities

23. Pin point location tracking of stolen laptop

24. Automatic data encryption

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