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What is the Causes of Errors in EDB Files and How to Solve them?

27 Aug What is the Causes of Errors in EDB Files and How to Solve them?

In MS exchange Server, there are two types of files are created edb and stm files. The EDB files of exchange server maintain and store the information of user mailboxes on the server. The EDB files of exchange server consist of emails, Contacts, Sent/Receive emails, Calendar appointments, Journal etc. In some circumstances, these EDB files get corrupted and results in data loss.

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Catastrophic situations that cause data loss from EDB files

  • The location where EDB files are stored get overloaded, in case of multiple users shares same file.
  • Power failure can also lead to data loss from EDB files.
  • Unintentionally deleting the mailbox can also cause damage to the EDB files.
  • Some error occurs because to Jet Engine Transaction.
  • When the header gets corrupted it generate data loss.
  • The system is accidentally shutdown.
  • In the instance of installation of software that contain viruses or malicious programs.

Error messages displayed on screen when EDB files get corrupted
Exchange Server is incorporated with an inbuilt feature to check the amount of damage occurred in EDB files. Different types of errors are shown in Exchange server when EDB files get corrupted. Some of them are listed here.

  • 1018 JET_errverifyFailure
  • 1019 JET_errPageNotInitialized
  • 1022 JET_errDiskIO

Reason for the appearance of these errors

1018 JET_errverifyFailure

  • The specified error exists when the Checksum value of the page in the header is not same with the recalculated value, in the event when a task is done on ESE database.
  • This error is displayed when the corrupt data is written to hard disk or at a location which is not identified.
  • This error may be caused due to NTFS file System error.


  • This error is shown when a page is uninitialized and found to be in use.
  • It occurs due to logical links and pointers between the pages are not valid. This error is itself caused by the application.

1022 JET-errDiskIO

  • This error results in damage to EDB file. In this instance, the number of pages requested is greater than the number of pages that are present in the database. It happens when a wrong transaction log reoccurs because of deleted checkpoint file or the log files due to that relay has to begin.
  • It is also sometimes caused due to I/O which restrict the page to be accessed.

These errors can be resolved by different methods
It is recommended to change the hardware component and restart the exchange server in order to resolve page mismatch errors.

Some commands of exchange server like Eseutil and Isinteg are executed to solve the page inconsistency issue.

The exchange server command commands can resolve some problems but to restore complete EDB file database you need a third party tool. Various Third party tools are available in a Free Version and as well as in Paid Version which recovers complete EDB files. The EDB to PST converter tool efficiently recovers and converts EDB files into PST format. This tool is available in free and paid version both. The free version recovers the EDB files and displays the preview of recovered data. But the free version of the software has a limitation that it cannot save the recovered files. In order to save these files, Paid version of the software is needed.

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