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SQL Database Recovery

18 Apr SQL Database Recovery

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a standard interactive and programming language for getting information from and updating a database. SQL Database lets you select, insert, update, find out the location of data, and so forth.

If in case these SQL Database gets corrupt or lost, leads to loss of vast data and information. At this siyuation you need SQL Database Recovery Services to return to previous position. SQL Database gets inaccessible or corrupt due to some common reasons as follows:

1. Virus attacks.
2. Unexpected System Shutdown.
3. Software malfunction.
4. Human error.

Recover Data provides quick SQL Database Recovery Services to restore, retrieve & recover lost data from corrupt SQL Databases.

Quick Recovery steps – SQL Database Recovery Software

1. Send your .dbx file details at support at
2. After recieving your mail, we will send you the secure FTP details.
3. Upload your corrupt SQL database in the provided FTP address.
4. And get your corrupt SQL database recovered.

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