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Resolving Common Windows Errors By Applying Simple Methods

07 Sep Resolving Common Windows Errors By Applying Simple Methods

Windows Operating system is widely used around the world for different types of requirement. The Windows OS is begged with fascinating features that make the OS a likable product in users perspective. Every version of Windows OS has some new enhancement in terms of technology and features. Windows OS is encompassed with multiple features but still it suffers from many errors that stop the system to work properly.

Common Windows error

The connection was denied error

When a user logs into the remote desktop this error is encountered. The class of users who uses Windows 2008 and 2003 OS face this kind of error message: “ The user account was denied because in the case when a user account is not authorized for remote login.”

When you encounter this error you need to add your remote desktop users, which have Windows 3 and 8 versions into the same dialog box as Windows workstation was added. For performing, this task a user can log into the system.

This error can be resolved in many ways

First Method
1. From the server manager, a user can go “Configure Remote Desktop”.
2. Now from the here select computer and then properties and after that go to remote settings in the left panel.
3. The above step will lead to open System dialog.
4. The Remote tab will appear hear in system properties. Now click on “select users” box and add the group or single user by this they can connect through remote desktop.

Configure Remote Desktop
Second method
1. Open control panel of your system
2. Now in System Properties user will find Remote tab.
3. In Remote tab, there will be three options a user have to select the option which have text Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network level authentication then OK.
4. Now click on “select” from dialog box system properties. After that add user groups or individual users as per your need.

If this error is till not resolved then Check for the proper configuration of terminal server licensing is enabled.if you find it is not enabled then restart the workstation.

Invalid Win32 application error
This error occurs due to number of reasons such as

1. The files are created in different Windows version.
2. Corruption can also be one reason this error.
3. When a file is opened in Windows OS 64-bit program while it is created for the 32-bit program.

Method to resolve this error

  • Sometimes this error results when the error cause due to the downloaded file, You can check whether the file is supported by your Windows version. Then delete the file and re-download it when download process has corrupted the file.
  • This errors can also be caused when a program on the system has the same name. You can try to install this in a different directory to avoid such error.
  • Latest hardware drivers can be installed on the system to stop hardware issues causing this error.
  • You can also check if there is a mismatch in the program number such that if it is built for 32 bit and opened on 64-bit programs. Then install the right program to open it.

if you find that you are not able to resolve these Windows errors by yourself then coordinate with technical professionals who are certified to do the resolving process. You may also visit:- to resolve your problem.

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