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Recover LVM

Recover Data for Linux partially support LVM Recovery.

LVM is an implementation of a logical volume manager for the Linux kernel. Logical volume management (LVM) is a hard disk drive partitioning scheme that is designed to be more flexible than normal physical partitioning. In particular, logical volume management software allows for changes in the size of individual volumes without a hard reboot of the computer, and in some cases while the filesystem on the volume is being actively used.

The installers for the Fedora, SuSE and Debian distributions are LVM-aware and can install a bootable system with a root filesystem on a logical volume.

LVM keeps a metadata header at the start of every PV, each of which is uniquely identified by a UUID. Each PV’s header is a complete copy of the entire volume group’s layout, including the UUIDs of all other PV, the UUIDs of all logical volumes and an allocation map of PEs to LEs.

If any how these metadata gets corrupted LVM fails to boot and results in data loss. To get back data from LVM partitions try using Recover Data for Linux.

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