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Preventive Measures to Desist Loss of Vital Data

12 Jul Preventive Measures to Desist Loss of Vital Data

Undoubtedly, data or information if leaked or lost makes situation worst and unbearable. Data being sensitive gets easily prone to vulnerable factors, such as viruses, hard drive failure, partition formatting, system failure, operating system flaw, and so on. That’s why it becomes inevitable to ensure that proper measures are taken to avoid such data mishaps.

Understanding the criticality of the data or information, following measures are listed:

Take Frequent Backup

Prevention is always better than cure. This well said phrase deems fit in today’s modern times. Therefore, it is smart to have back-up of your important files and folders after specific time intervals. God forbids, if you lose your important files and folders, backup will help you to overcome that. Using CDs, external USB hard drives for data storage can help you saving your data.

 Install an Effective Anti- Virus

Significantly, technology has reached the pinnacle of success, but the fact that it has some drawbacks as well cannot be ignored. As the technology is getting developed so as the computer viruses; internet threats, data breaches are increasing. Therefore, a valiant Anti-Virus program should be installed in your system to avoid such crestfallen situations.

 Proper Shut down

Many of us hastily shutdown our computers or PC without closing the running programs. This in turns generates risk for data loss, as the files are not closed properly. So, if you are done with project you are working on, close the program – then only head towards the system shut-down step.

Don’t make attempts until you are not sure

Well, if you are not aware of the operations, which you are trying to do, such as installation of second hard drive, hard drive repairs and if you want to rebuild a RAID, do not make an windy attempt as this may submit your data to the data loss account.

Be cautious to the abnormal behavior of the system

If you are encountering some strange sounds made by your hard drive, or your system is getting frequently hanged, file deletion etc. Please, do not put your hands to operate the hard drive, until and unless you are not very sure. At this point of time, you can take help of an expert.

Run diagnostic programs

It is not a bad idea to check your computer efficiency by running a diagnostics software, however, be bit cautious as well as an improper diagnostic software can ruin your important data, making recovery difficult.

Perhaps, these are few of the important methods through which a user can desist loss of their vital data. However, if also faces data loss. The best way carved out is to make use of robust technology based data recovery software utilities. These recovery applications are capable of rescuing data from any of the event of data loss factors.

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