Recover Data Blog | Let’s Take These 5 Steps To Remove Shortcut Virus From a Pen Drive or SD Card
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Let’s Take These 5 Steps To Remove Shortcut Virus From a Pen Drive or SD Card

08 Mar Let’s Take These 5 Steps To Remove Shortcut Virus From a Pen Drive or SD Card

Shortcut virus is a latest addition into the world of viruses which automatically comes into your USB/SD Card or system and finally converts all your contents into a shortcut. The way it hides the files remains unknown though the effect is quite visible. The original files are there in the drive itself but in such a position that you cannot recognize it or take it out. Initially, it does not harms your files but later on it may corrupt them or even delete all the files, depending on the type of shortcut virus. Therefore, removing a shortcut virus is essential for getting your files back.

In this blog, I have shared some quick ways through which you can recover your data removing shortcut viruses from the system.

Removing Shortcut Virus From Pen Drive an SD Card-

Before beginning, it is generally recommended to scan your storage device with an effective antivirus program and then follow the methods given below-

  1. Using CMD (Command Prompt)

This method carries 90-95% possibilities to recover your data in the existing format. It effectively removes viruses from Pen drives, USB, Memory Stick, Hard Disk and other forms of storage media.

  • Open C prompt.
  • For Windows 7 and earlier versions- Windows Key + R> Type CMD and ENTER
  • Windows 8- Search for CMD> Right Click to CMD and Select “Run as administrator” or right click over the Start button and select Command Prompt admin
  • Now, Connect your storage media device to your system
  • Type in Command Prompt- attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.* (where “D” is the location of your drive folder). Similarly, if your drive letter is “E”, it will get replaced by (E:\*.*)
  •  Press ENTER



Using this method your shortcut files will get converted back into normal ones. Now delete unknown files from your storage after Command process gets complete.

  1. Using an Antivirus program

Install an antivirus program and do a Boot Time Scan. This will efficiently remove all the malware in boot Time.


  1. Use Shortcut Virus Remover


The shortcut virus in easily available in “Task Manager” from where you will easily find and delete “Wscript.vbs”.


Open Task Manager> select Process (More detail) >scroll down below and search “wscript.vbs” process> Select it and end task.


This not only removes virus from secondary storage but also from the hard drive.


  1. Using WINRAR to get back original files


Even after using the above mentioned ways, the shortcut virus still persists, you can use the WINRAR to get back files. Since WINRAR allows one process to execute, therefore no shortcut virus could work inside the WINRAR. All you need to do is follow the instructions given below-


  • Open WINRAR application


  • Navigate to your Pen drive or storage device location


  • Copy files and paste wherever you want


  • Now Format your storage media drive


  1. Turning Off Auto Run for USB Drives


When there is a shortcut virus present in your USB drive, auto run can spread that virus all over your PC. Thus, it is always better to turn off “AutoRun” feature.







These are some extremely useful ways using which you can remove shortcut virus from your PC, Storage media or any other drive. I am sure these methods will definitely help you. So, try these and let us know your feedback on the comments section below.

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