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How to Rectify Error 651 in Windows?

15 Sep How to Rectify Error 651 in Windows?

Windows is a popular and user-friendly operating system. The Windows operating system is enabled with many applications and software that makes it the best choice of the user to work on. This well-developed OS helps the user to do multi-tasking and complete various tasks simultaneously. The function of the operating system is to provide the user a compatible environment so that a user can perform their computational activities easily and regularly. Windows operating system is best utilized to fulfill all the tasks for which it has been developed. However, Windows is constituted with all the important features but nevertheless it suffer from corruption and data loss issues.

error 651 in windows
Brief introduction of some error message in Windows operating system
Error 651: In Windows 7 OS this error usually appears when we try to share a broadband connection with other devices and when you do not share your broadband connection with other devices. The broadband connection works properly.

This error appears due to the wrong configuration of modem settings. In the modem configuration, we have to enable multiple device sharing options. The setting of Modem is provided by the Internet service provider with our system.

Process of fixing error 651 in Windows
1. You can call your Internet service provider to configure to modem settings so that you can share Internet connection.
2. We can also manually fix this problem. For fixing this problem, you have to follow some steps.
It is important you have to remove all the existing broadband connection that you have made earlier going to Control Panel\Network and Internet Manage Wireless Networks.

Start following some steps
1. Go to the modem configuration Page, for going to that page by any browser you can enter this address in the address bar.
2. Then in the next step it will ask for the username and password. The user name and password comes with the manual of the modem.
3. You can see some options in the left-hand side now go the configuration tab where Internet connection is present.
4. In the Internet, connection Window deletes the option bridge_0_35 by deleting icon.
5. After that, an add button is shown. Now from here it will take to the next page you need to fill the page with details given below.
PVC Name: ppoe_0_35
Service Category: UBR with PCR
Peak Cell Rate:0
Next by pressing next button go to next page.
6. At this location, you are present in Configuration Type page,
where you have to select Protocol: PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE)
Encapsulation Type: LLC/SNAP
and click next.
7. In the nest step, you will reach to configuration WAN IP setting
Select obtain an IP address automatically
Check Enable NAT
and Add Default Route
then go the next step by clicking
8. At this location, you will be in “Configure Broadband User Name and Password” page
Service Name: data one( as per choice you can give any other name)
Broadband User Name: Enter the user name which is given by ISP
Password: Enter the password as you have entered in the beginning
You have to select the setting always on to automatically connect to the Internet on windows startup.
9. This is the last step
You need to open the Internet on any system and start browsing through the Internet. Now after these settings you need to manually connect to the Internet. You will be automatically connected to the Internet on startup.

Hers is the End of the error 651 that you have encountered.

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