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Detailed description of Windows Data Recovery Software tool

04 Jul Detailed description of Windows Data Recovery Software tool

Windows data recovery application tool by Recover data restores the deleted and lost data from NTSF and FAT files systems. It also supports FAT Data Recovery. This software has been ranked and rated as the most excellent windows data recovery application program. This software is windows partition recovery software that even back-ups various operating system of windows. Recover Data has introduced new efficient, user friendly and result oriented windows data recovery software which requires no specific skills in executing and operating.


Why require Windows data recovery application program?


There are certain conditions or situations when you might require this software:


·         Human error

·         Corrupted boot sector and partition table

·         Formatted hard drives and partitions

·         Deleted folders and files and

·         Corrupted file system


Key characteristics of Windows Data Recovery application tool are:


·         It simply and easily recovers the deleted partition and data in case where the MFT is broken and fragmented

·         It is an easy and simple to use Exhaustive, Automatic and Manual mode for recovery of desktop

·         It acknowledges the drives even if the boot record, Meta tags and MBR are not present

·         Restores and fixes the deleted partition or data if the MFT Meta tags are overwritten

·         Restores all kinds of files like Power point/Access/Word/Excel etc

·         Restores the email files like MS Outlook express/MS Outlook/Lotus Notes etc

·         Stimulates already existed partitions

·         Recovers the email files

·         Recovery of data from missing/formatted and lost files

·         Stimulates earlier existed partitions

·         Bad sector recovery and management


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