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Check Out The Best Solution For Resolving Some Error Messages In Windows

10 Sep Check Out The Best Solution For Resolving Some Error Messages In Windows

Windows is a wonderful operating system to work on. This operating system is a product of Microsoft family. OS is developed for multiple uses related to computing. In the year 1985 November 20 first Windows operating system is popularized. The goal behind the development of Windows operating system has been successfully achieved by the launch of operating systems. But this operating system encounters errors in certain irrelevant situations.

Error message displayed in windows operating system

1. A Runtime Error has occurred. Do wish to Debug?
What is this error and how to solve this error message?
Above mentioned error is a runtime error in which occur when there is a problem in software or hardware. When this error occurs in Internet explorer, the file doesn’t work properly. These type of errors lead to data loss or information from the file. The file becomes corrupt or stops the user from accessing a feature. But these errors don’t let the users stop working on the file just like stop errors.

Solution of the Runtime error in Internet explorer
To resolve Run time error a user has to stop or disable the script of the error. You can configure Internet explorer stop appearing on the screen.

runtime error in internet explorer

Open the Internet, explorer.
Go to tools and select the options.
Now reach Advance tab.
Thereafter mark the checkbox by a checkmark for disabling the script debugging.

2. Stop error 7B
The stop error 7B is a hard drive related error in which the Windows XP get shut down when it experienced this error as a safety measure. When this error is encountered the system shows an error message that “a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.” An aforementioned error occurred when the required part is missing from the configuration setting.(from IDE controller).

A solution of stop error 7B
You have to be first ensured that the components are in the configuration: an IDE controller, the primary and secondary IDE Channel component, and a disk drive component. Now if you find that the configuration was set for the Target Analyzer.pmq file, the user has to check whether the run-time image of the file is installed on the same device. You can also boot the system using diagnostic CD when the hard drive is connected.

You can also try by resetting /BIOS/CMOS settings and reboot the computer. Now enter BIOS/CMOS again, and detach ‘boot from LAN”. A user can Move “boot from CD/DVD” to the top of the list and “boot from HD” to the end. In the last Restart the computer and install new windows XP.

How to Recover data loss From these error?
A user can use Windows Data Recovery Software to recover data loss from these error messages. It is a safe and secure method of recovering lost data. The software is available with a free demo version to guide the user. It is capable of recovering different types of data such as audio, video, documents and images.

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