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Best solution for JET error 1216 recovery is EDB to PST Converter Software

01 Oct Best solution for JET error 1216 recovery is EDB to PST Converter Software

Every business needs good communication. Because without proper communication the growth of the company hampers and restricted. To improve communication between inside and outside of an organization, MS Outlook is enabled. The MS Outlook provides the capability to send and receive unlimited email messages. All the Outlook emails whether they are received or send are stored on the MS exchange server. This exchange server EDB files keeps the entire information of the users mailbox and it’s items that share the same network. These EDB files are prone to corruption and damage in many cases.

To win over this swamp situation, You need something that help you to get rid of annoying errors and data loss. EDB to PST converter tool is a most reliable and effective tool for recovering data from the corrupt, deleted and damaged EDB files. It is a remarkable tool that perform recovery of EDB files distinct conditions like exchange server crash, Jet engine error, virus intrusion, hard disk failure, corrupted headers, accidental system shutdown and so on.You can check out the JET error and its solution.

jet error 1216
JET error 1216 of EDB files
When the error JET 1216 occur the EDB files of exchange server become inaccessible and can not be recovered back into original state. Now it is of great concern how to access and get back the content of EDB files.

Outlining Jet error 1216
Jet Error 1216 is displayed in the instance when the header information of the EDB log file gets corrupted and provide an information message. An error message which informs that an important file has been detached from the log.

Error message that appears on the screen is Error-1216 (JET_errAttachedDatabaseMismatch)

How to resolve this error?
In order to recover damaged EDB files that are corrupted due to JET errors. A user can employ two solutions for recovering data from this error.

The first method for recovery is through ESEUTIL Command

This tool helps in changing, verifying and repairing EDB files of Exchange server. It is a command line tool that functions with ESE Extensible Storage Engine. Eseutil can be found in the exchange install folder location which is given as :\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin.

Second method to recover data from JET error
The second method is useful in the situation when recovery of log files is not possible and the last thing which a user can opt is as follows.
You can migrate the lost log files and mount the leftover files.
Or either you can restore the data from backup.
Perform repairing of the database using Isinteg command.

EDB to PST recovery tool is a perfect solution
However, all the methods are manual accept the EDB to PST converter software. It is quite difficult to perform repairing through manual solutions because they are time-consuming, involve too much user effort and there is no guarantee if they can recover complete data or not. So it is recommended to use the EDB to PST tool for recovering lost files from the exchange server. All the errors can be easily solved using this tool. And the best thing about the software is that it is available in the free version.

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