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5 Ways to Follow While Recovering Data from a Scratched CD

22 Feb 5 Ways to Follow While Recovering Data from a Scratched CD

Known for its long term durability, CDs and DVDs are powerful storage media devices which have become the standard medium for storing large quantity of information within. While using CD’s, every user faces issues of data loss or corruption be it in any ways. Frequent use of CD’s might lead to scratches, thereby giving rise to reading errors. This may lead to slower reads on portions of discs, and a disc might just stop working, if it is damaged too much.

Recovering data from a scratched CD can be easily done using some effective yet manual methods however, there are some other data recovery solutions available too depending upon the extent of data loss. This blog shares 5 super cool ways which can be used to restore data from a scratched CD/DVD. Let’s give them a look-

  1. Disc Polishing Method-


There are actually several layers in a CD, the first layer is all plastic buffer which is thickest of all, beneath the plastic layer is the foil data layer and beneath that is the Label. Most scratches occur in the Plastic Buffer layer, these are the ones you can fix. The reason why your CD stops or doesn’t play is because the laser eye cannot get a clear view at the foil data layer, the scratch interrupts its vision. If the scratch in your CD goes straight into the foil data layer, then your disc is pretty much useless and you should consider getting a replacement.

Polishing the scratches is more of a permanent fix. The point of polishing the DVD is to wear away the plastic buffer around the scratch so that it appears more shallow and easier to see through. Polish the CD by applying baking soda toothpaste to a lint-free cloth, an old t-shirt or an eye-glass cloth and then rub it onto the disc. When rubbing, start at the centre of the disc and rub out to the edge. Repeat this for almost 8-10 times and do not apply much pressure. Now wash the disc under warm water and then let it air dry. At last, play the disc and if it works copy its contents at the other place immediately.

  1. Increasing the Temperature of Disc


If the above method fails to produce results, you need to move one step ahead and try heating the disc. CD’s consists of three layers of materials- a base layer made of polycarbonate plastic, a thin layer of aluminium coating over the polycarbonate plastic and last a clear, protective acrylic coating over the aluminium layer. The polycarbonate on the disc has low melting point with a little warmth. The scratches on it might become a bit readable.

To warm it up, you can use a lamp with 60 watt bulb. Turn the lamp ON for 5-10 minutes so it will heat up properly.

Now hold the disc diagonally in front of the bulb about 3 inches away Keep rotating slowly and perform this action till 20 seconds.

Play it to see whether it works.

  1. Banana CD Scratch Remover

download (1)

Apply a fresh cut Banana using circular motion.

Next, wipe it down using the inside of Banana Peel which will further help polish and clean the disc.

Now, take a clean cotton cloth and wipe the entire surface of CD. Be sure to apply moderate pressure while moving in a circular motion. This should be done for around 4-5 minutes.


Finally, wipe it clean using a glass cleaner.

  1. Eye Glass Cleaner


Use eye glass cleaner to clean a scratched DVD/CD and remove any light, superficial scratches the disc may have. Apply a small amount of cleaner onto a soft microfiber cloth and gently wipe the affected areas of disc. When wiping, rub in a straight line starting at the center of disc and move towards the outside edge.

  1. Using Data Recovery Products

Data Recovery Software for Windows efficiently cleans and removes all issues leading to data loss from a corrupted, deleted or formatted CD drive. This software effectively recovers data from CD which is physically damaged. By using the latest scanning technologies, this software searches for lost files, recovers them and displays a preview for further restoration. So, if you are looking forward for smooth, efficient and quick recovery, try Windows Data Recovery Software – .


So, next time if you ever encounter such data loss issues from a scratched CD/DVD, try one of these tips to get back your data in a useful format.

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